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The Australian Centre for Education in Sleep was the first centre for sleep education in Australia. It was founded in 2006 to address the need to increase awareness in the community about the importance of sleep.

The Australian Centre for Education in Sleep(TM) (ACES), now a part of Sensible Sleep, presents below a number of accurate and up-to-date informational downloads and resources from on sleep in children of all ages, their parents, caregivers teachers, schools and communities. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and expert-based information on sleep that is freely available to you, the public.

The Sensible Sleep team is a team of psychologists with expertise in all aspects of sleep and development in young children, with over 25 years of experience in clinical sleep practice, psychological health and sleep research.

If you are looking for Sleep Education Programs and Courses available to Teachers and Schools, you can find more information here!

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Up to 40% of children under the age of 8 years present with sleep problems. There is a lot of information available and this is why Professor Blunden and her colleagues have written two sleep intervention books specifically for these age groups. Both books are based on research evidence and years of experience, using strategies that improve sleep without leaving your child to cry alone. 

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For those of you, who prefer to watch or listen about sleep habits and sleep solutions we have brought together the most recent sleep related videos and podcasts that our team have been involved with. If you are interested in individual consultations, telephone and video consultations or online group sessions, get in touch with our sleep psychologists today!

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