We have created SENSIBLE SLEEP  to bring together information on sleep for parents, children, young people, health care professionals, teachers and community groups.

The aim of this website is to assist, by educating and informing members of the community from health care professionals to parents about the importance of sleep and what happens when we don’t get enough. SENSIBLE SLEEP offers research-based information, as well as gentle solutions and strategies to improve sleep now and for the future.

All the information you need to understand about good sleep health is contained either in these pages or in links from these pages.


The SENSIBLE SLEEP website presents below:

  • Education resources through the © Australian Centre for Education in Sleep.
  • Sleep information for parents of new babies through the Sensible Sleep Solution in our responsive parenting methods.
  • Strategies for parents to help improve the sleep of toddlers, pre-schoolers and junior school children through the Snooze for Kids website and the Boss of My Sleep Book and without tears.
  • Professional training in the Gentle Methods for Sleep Settling (GeMSS) for medical and/or allied health care professionals so they can become competent in delivering the type of responsive sleep training methods for which our team is now well known for. This is offered through a rigorous and thorough learning and assessment process

All information presented on this site is evidence based: that is, it is all based on the latest research undertaken by our team over the last 15 years and other international sleep researchers and clinicians. The information presented here will be updated with the latest research as new evidence becomes available

We trust that you will enjoy the SENSIBLE SLEEP website and all the information it offers.

Sleep Solutions

Australian Centre for Education in Sleep (ACES)

Information, resources and sleep education programs.

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The Sensible Sleep Solution Infant sleep book

Sensitive, supportive and gentle methods of teaching baby to sleep.

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Snooze for Kids website and The Boss of My Sleep Book

Calm methods for teaching your 3-8 year old to sleep alone.

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Gentle Methods of Sleep Settling

The GeMSS Sleep Training Method for Professionals.

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Paediatric Sleep Clinic

Need Help?
Contact our team of psychologists trained in sleep

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