“For parents who need help teaching their 3-8 year old child to sleep alone”

Many children in these age groups have difficulty sleeping alone. Bedtime can be stressful for everyone. Common sleep problems in this age group include:

  • Inability or unwillingness to fall sleep or stay asleep alone
  • Bedtime fears, bedtime refusal
  • Chronic and persistent nighttime waking
  • Needing to sleep with a parent or carer

The Boss of My Sleep book is, a downloadable book for parents and includes a user friendly parent instruction manual. This explains our non-cry intensive sleep intervention system for parents to use with their child. The book tries to improve bedtime behaviour in children aged 3-8 years, with the aim of allowing young children to be confident enough to sleep alone. The Boss of My Sleep Book assists children to:

  • Do their healthy bedtime routine
  • Lie waiting in their bed for parents quietly
  • Achieve the difficult task of sleeping alone and be proud of themselves

And assists their parents to:

  • Set and keep bedtime routines
  • Gently teach their child to sleep alone with guidelines and manualised instructions
  • Enjoy the Boss of the Sleep game with their children to achieve solo sleeping without making their child cry and ignoring them

From Toddlers to Pre-schoolers to Young school aged children, the Boss of My Sleep Book helps children to learn to sleep alone. Parents have said in the British Medical Journal: Case Studies that the Boss of My Sleep Book is successful even where others have failed, worked instantly and was still working 8 months later.

The Boss of My Sleep Book has also been positively reviewed by both the Australian Sleep Health Foundation and the Australian Psychological Society

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