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“When toddlerhood and sleeping alone are not working together!!”

From Toddlers to Pre-schoolers to Young school aged children, the Boss of My Sleep Book helps children to learn to sleep alone.

Many problems in these age group stem from a child’s struggles between a need to develop independence and the need to be close to those they love. The results can be stressful  bedtimes for everyone. Common sleep problems in this age group include:

  • Inability or unwillingness to fall sleep or stay asleep alone

  • Bedtime fears, bedtime refusal

  • Chronic and persistent nighttime waking

The Boss of My Sleep book is, a downloadable book (thus readily and cheaply available without a trained professional) explaining a non-cry intensive sleep intervention system for these problems. The book tries to improve bedtime behavior in children aged 3-8 years, with the aim of allowing young children to be confident enough to sleep alone. The Boss of My Sleep Book assists children to:

  • Do their healthy bedtime routine

  • Lie waiting in their bed for parents quietly.

And assists their parents to:

  • Set and keep bedtime routines
  • Enjoy the Boss of the Sleep game with their children to achieve solo sleeping without making their child cry and ignoring them

This book has been successfully trailed and published in an international academic journal ( ). It explains how to get young children to sleep alone without tears. Developed by Clinical Psychologist, Professor Sarah Blunden with Anthropologist Dr Kirrilly Thompson the book is accompanied by a step –by step parent guide and instruction manual, so parents can understand how to do this on their own if they wish without the need for a sleep specialist therefore making it more accessible for parents.

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