Gentle Methods of Sleep Settling (GeMSS) sleep intervention-training system

Gentle Methods of Sleep Settling (GeMSS) sleep intervention-training system2019-01-24T06:16:32+00:00

“Assisting parents to teach their child to sleep alone the responsive way“

“ Children do not need to  be ignored to learn to sleep alone”

Up to 40 % of families with young infants and children report problems with sleep.

Doctors, pediatricians, community health nurses and now increasingly, psychologists and other allied health professionals are often sought out by these families who seek help to improve their children’s sleep.

The GeMSS training system is a comprehensive sleep intervention system developed and utilized for many years by Professor Sarah Blunden during her years as the Founder and Director of the Paediatric Sleep Clinic in Australia that trains health professionals how to improve sleep in a responsive way.

The GeMSS method is a successful method of teaching young children to sleep alone and to re-settle themselves when they wake overnight. The method does not involve leaving a child to cry, (often called cry-it-out, controlled crying or controlled comforting) but is based on “responsive” strategies rather than “ignoring” or “extinction” strategies. There are many families who do not wish to use ignoring strategies. The responsive method is based more on the psychological theories of attachment and learned behavior rather than extinction theory.

Training as a GeMSS practitioner is now possible with the development of the GeMSS sleep training modules presented and offered here. This training requires a graduate level of knowledge with a level of clinical expertise in delivering health care to families. Hence the GeMSS training is for any health, medical and/or allied health professional with at least an undergraduate degree. Those who wish to undertake the training will be asked to supply details of their professional qualifications.

The GeMSS method is a recognized, published and evidence based treatment for Behavioral Insomnia of Childhood as described by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Practitioners need to learn detailed information about the physiology and psychology of sleep before learning the step by step behavioral approach to helping parents to teach their infants, toddlers and young children to sleep independently.

Once practitioners have completed the training and assessments and have been certified and registered as a practitioner of the GeMSS method, they will have access to ongoing professional development opportunities through the SENSIBLE SLEEP and GeMSS websites. Yearly updates to keep abreast of new research developments in the areas of children’s sleep will be a reflection of registered practitioner’s ongoing commitment to quality delivery of sleep training using the GeMSS method.

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