“Helping children and young people be the best they can”

“You can’t Sleep Well and Be Well if you don’t understand sleep well”

Without good sleep and healthy sleep habits we cannot be the best we can. Poor sleep can have very negative effects on daytime performance, psycho social development, physical and mental health and general well being in young people.

If we understand sleep, then we are better able to control it, and then perform at our best.

The mission of ACES is to educate and inform education and health professionals, communities, parents, children and young people about the importance of sleep and what happens when we don’t get enough.

At ACES we develop, produce and deliver high quality sleep educational products and services for educators, health professionals as well as parents, students and communities.  The ACES program and products and all the information presented on the ACES website are based on the latest evidence form researchers in Australia and around the world.

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